What is a Futurist?

“The Futurist World Community constists of people that look to a better future that solves global issues with technology, science, cooperation, combined effort, shared resources, sustainable energy and practices, globaly shared knowledge and the talents of all people.

A Futurist see’s themself as forward thinking. They are tired of the historical wars, power struggles for land and resources, arguments about heritage and religious faith, and supression by power hungry dictators and profit hungry corporations.

This community of people will discuss issues that affect the global community with the help of technology that connects them all, via instant communication devices (like computers, tablets, smart phones, etc.) and world cloud networks.

These issues will involve medical, technological, social, economic, ethical and judicial, environmental and other such decisions currently addressed by only a select few.

This community wishes to be free of current political, religious, national or economic cast systems that may currently dictate the course of thier lives.

The Futurist World Community will consist of like minded people with the income, resources, ideology, social concienous, mental ability, and desire to study, test and overcome the issues faced in creating a unified global community.”