Personal Solar Power

As an American who is very interested in sustainable energy and also very disconcerted with the fact that our current President does not seem to share this interest, I recently did some reading and realized that, as usual, the power is in the people.

As individuals we may not all be able to install solar panels on our homes, or go off grid. Neither can we all go out and buy a Tesla – yet!

However (and here’s the exciting news) there are numerous solar powered personal items from cell phone and laptop chargers, to portable solar power generators, solar battery chargers and solar water pumps, and everything else you can think of!

You can make your opinion count and make your voice heard without waiting for the US energy grid (or anywhere in the world for that matter) to be converted to sustainable energy.

Some of these companies are: Silicon Solar, Solar Direct, Earth Tech Products and Overland Solar.

Thank You,